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Bored with boards? Snow, skate, sail?
Well here’s Stowboard® now in Japan, the world’s first folding skateboard.
You can even stuff it into its own little optional backpack.

The Stowboard® evolving from traditional skateboards, features a never seen before low center of gravity combined with the convenience of ''stow-ability.'' The revolutionary aluminum frame folds up, compressing its generous 31'' length to just under 11'' for stowage.

When folded, the Stowboard® is as small as a notebook and will tuck neatly into almost any locker or backpack. The Stowboard® will save you time everyday.

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Innovation in its purest form. Californian designers convert vision into reality with the world’s first full size skateboard that folds into a back pack sized package. Invented by designers who were determined to solve the portable transportation problem. The challenge was to create a mode of transport big enough for a smooth, stable ride, yet small enough to fit into a backpack.

At over 30” long when unfolded and just 4”x 11” when stowed away, the Stowboard® stands up to continual, heavy use. It’s reliable, durable, looks fantastic, but most important, its fun.

Stowboard®is a serious bit of sports engineering and should always be used with full safety gear. Recommended for ages 14 and over.

We love things that go on people power, things that fold up small, things that look fresh. So here’s a promising candidate, the Stowboard®. This folding skateboard gizmo goes from a mere 11 inches folded to 31 inches when unfolded and ready to ride. Unfolded, you can also hang your backpack on it and use it as a luggage roller. The website points out that this could help avoid the legal darts of places where skating is frowned on: “the fact that you’re surfing on a luggage carrier is just a technicality.”

Introducing the next step in board evolution. We call it the Stowboard®, you will call it the best board you have ever been on. Not only is the Stowboard® a high-performance mode of transportation, but also a board that allows you easy and quick storage for when you have to break from boardn'. This board offers everything and more when it comes to performance, along with the ability to be folded up and stored just about anywhere.


- Unfold board and lock into position (see unfold section).
- Choose your dominate foot, which-ever feels best, and place it on the front, main deck.
- Push off with the other foot to get rollin'.
- Your back foot rests on the tail/rear assembly when riding for added steering and control.

Rolling Back Pack- WHEN RIDING TIME IS OVER...
When ride time is over, the aluminum frame folds-up, compressing it's generous 31" length to just under 11" for stowage. In fact the whole board is as small as your notebook. Speaking of books... if your bag is overloaded with homework, hang it on the tail, grab the handle, you now have an effective "rolling back-pack". Now your board may legally go anywhere, the fact that you’re surfing on a luggage carrier is just a technicality.


[in other words: What is this device?]
  • This is a Stowboard. It is like a skateboard but it has the added ability to fold up, or “STOW” away. Get it?

  • How do you ride it?

  • You just put your front foot in the aluminum part, big wheels in front. Then push with your other foot and then rest your back foot on the black part when you get rolling.

  • Is it easier to ride than a normal skateboard?

  • It rides slightly differently then a regular skateboard. If you already can ride a normal skateboard you can get used to the stowboard in almost no time. If you have never skateboarded, then like with any board you’ll have to get used to it, but the stowboard does make it easy because it has such a low center of gravity.

  • How is it different than a normal skateboard?

  • Well besides the fact that it folds up for discreet stowing, it also rides a little differently, getting the rider lower to the ground gives great stability, and the large diameter wheels in front and 65mm 78a canted “v2” wheels in back allow a surprisingly quiet, much smoother ride on more surfaces. As you can see the front foot points more straight ahead then in a usual board, thus turning is done with a small pivot or shift of weight with the front foot. It’s pretty cool.

  • Is it better than a normal skateboard?

  • Depends what you’re doing. For extreme downhill carving, go with a longboard, for tricks go with a standard new school deck, but for fast efficient transportation and an ultra smooth ride that is easy to control go with the STOWBOARD. Especially if you need to be able to stow away or store your board, the Stowboard would be the best call, because it’s the only board that folds up and would fit in any locker or backpack, it’s also the same price or even less than a normal skateboard.

  • How much does it cost?

  • ¥14,995 plus ¥5,000 shipping direct from USA - complete with version 2.0 rear wheels already installed. A good price considering how much non-foldable decks cost (USD$120-USD$320) and the quality of the engineering of the Stowboard.

  • Is there a motor?

  • No! Would you rather it weigh 100 lbs??? The point of this board is quick minimal, stowable transportation. It rides so smoothly that you will be covering surprisingly great distances with minimal work. You don’t need some huge junky motor running out of batteries at the wrong moment! You are the motor!


Many but not all of these tips will apply to a normal skateboard. Skateboarding and Stowboarding are potentially dangerous activities. All precautions you’d take when riding a skateboard you should take while Stowboarding. Just because it’s a smooth fast ride that provides a low center of gravity and conveniently folds up when not in use doesn’t mean you can’t get jacked up if don’t respect the fact that you’re rolling on wheels.

- NEVER Stowboarding without closed toed shoes. I’ve seen friends lose toenails.

- Always be able to “run off” if you need to bail. In other words, keep your feet under you!
-When going over rough spots or large cracks in the pavement try to be peddling at the same time, this way if you get stuck on some debris you won’t go flying because you’ll have your pushing foot down.

- Never Stowboarding in the rain or on wet or sandy ground. This can unexpectedly decrease your traction and you might power slide when you least expect it. Plus, water and sand aren’t good for your bearings.

Review the comments:

One of the other very clever features we like is that the Stowboard can be convert it into either a wheeled rolling backpack (sort of like an travel trolley) or a backpack with plenty of storage and a separate compartment for the board in its stowed position. - Giz

"Great for transportation, I ride it to all train station in Tokyo. And its not a Toys!." - Akira

"Here's the scoop, Its cool. Looks good and rides; it is different. More of a rollering feel and not made for a lot of tricks, but well made. Did I mention it folds, which it does pretty well..

But without a doubt, worth the price at this stage. Fun, and that's what its all about." -JJ

"Everyone I've shown it to comments on the high-tech look and small folded size. I'm not a serious skateboarder, just a hack, but it's fun for me. I read that you can take it to the airport as a "luggage carrier"." - Charles

"This is a cool board... it's different, and the fact that it folds up, makes it sort of "transformer-esque." On the other hand, this not a young child's toy... It's fast! Just add a helmet and the fun begins!" -The Mom

"This is the best little skateboard for the money. Packs up tight to take with and rolls o-so-smooth. Very responsive." -

Stowboard travel skateboard folds up easily when not in use and fits right in your backpack. Gives a sturdy, stable ride with variable steering control -- your lead foot sits on main deck and back foot rests on rear deck.- Maxi